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We have a solid couple of years of background in a practice that combines consulting, development, and design at scale.


Blockchain is an innovative way of safely managing data in a distributed database. Benefit from the Blockchain today with a help of our industry insider experts.
We will show you how we helped world-class companies such as Casper, a global L1 blockchain with Proof of Stake protocol.


  • Hot and mobile wallets
  • blockchain explorers
  • Sdk
  • Client libraries
  • Web3 products
  • Nft markets and galleries
  • Chain analysis
  • Validator tools


The cloud is an effective and scalable solution for managing and storing data. It could be mixed with the blockchain-based product to ensure tamper proof data state.
Blockbites is your experienced partner of choice for dedicated cloud solutions enhanced with blockchain technology.


  • Amazon cloud hosted apps
  • Lambda functions
  • Data storage and migration
  • Cloud CI/CD
  • Experienced with dedicated hosting offerings (Ghost, Gatsby, Docusaurus and more)
  • Backing up your data with IPFS, Pinata, SealStorage

Art and visualisations

With our experts we are able to bring your ideas to life. We can animate your sketches, create dynamic worlds full of interactions. We mastered web/native environments to suit your needs.


  • Object scene modeling (Cinema 4d)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Animations for the websites
  • Promo video clips
  • Interactive diagrams and schemas
  • Data modeling and visualisation

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